Questions To Ask When Pre-Planning Cremation

With cremating, the person’s remains are burned until they turn to ash, which is then called as “created remains” or “cremains”. After the body has been cremated, the person’s loved ones can have the remains buried, scattered, kept in an urn with them, or interred in a columbarium.

To prepare yourself and your family for all the things concerning the cremating process, the best thing to do is to make sure that you ask a lot of questions regarding how you want the cremation to take place. Take a look at all the possible choices that you have before you decide so that you can arrive at a sound conclusion.

Types of Services

CremationCremation has similarities with the regular burial methods in a way that there is more than one form of service available. A lot of people believe that you cannot, or at least it’s not customary, have a traditional funeral if you have been cremated. On the contrary, a traditional funeral can actually precede the cremating process. However, you may go for the direct option, wherein the remains will be cremated immediately without the funeral beforehand, and you can just have the service afterwards.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

•If you opt to have a service before the cremation, where would you want it to take place?

•If you opt to have the service after being cremated, where and when would you want it to take place

•If you want the remains to be buried or entombed, would you opt to have a service before the remains are interred?

If you want to have the remains buried or entombed either in the cemetery or in a columbarium, you can choose to have a graveside service, which is the service conducted around the interment.

How to Handle the Remains

There are also various options that you can choose from regarding what you can do with the cremated remains. Usually, the remains are either buried in the cemetery, scattered somewhere, or are interred in the columbarium where it is kept in a container such as an urn.

In addition to these, new ways of handling the cremated remains have also become popular, such as turning the remains into jewelry, using them to create artificial reefs, shooting them in fireworks, or sending them to space.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself regarding this matter:

•If you choose to have the remains buried in a cemetery, do you have any specifications for the cemetery? Does the cemetery need to be religious? For veterans only? For a specific nationality? Does it have to be green?

•If you choose to have the remains buried, is there a necessity for you to purchase a cemetery plot?

•If you choose to have the remains entombed, is there a necessity for you to buy a columbarium niche space?

•Do you want the remains to stay with your family? Who would you like to handle the remains?

•Do you want to scatter the remains? Where would you want to scatter the remains?

If you choose to have a funeral service before the cremation, you will need to consult with a funeral home in making arrangements. A funeral director will be able to assist you in making your plans, and in coordinating with a crematory where the cremation can take place.

If you want to have the remains cremated before the service, you can directly work with the crematory. However, before you do this, keep in mind that laws regarding the cremating process vary from one state to another, so you might still need to coordinate with a funeral home for that matter.

Long Island Real Estate: A Downward Trend in Prices

Real estate has always been a valuable source of investment. After all, it’s a basic need of people to have a place they can call home. In some places such as New York, acquiring homes can be quite a lucrative business. In fact, realtors have made a niche in selling houses in different regions across the state. One of the more affluent areas in New York is Long Island. But while the value of properties in this city is considered to be high years back, it’s having an epic downturn as of late. This article will take a look at the downward trend of prices in Long Island real estate.

Real EstateJust a decade ago, a spike in the value of houses was observed. This can be traced in a multitude of factors. The first factor that dictated this increase in value is much lower interest rates, which provided potential homeowners a great window to cash into properties. Lending standards are also looser back then. Last but not least, Wall Street has created a security system that is backed by subprime mortgages. Because of all these changes, the average value of properties in the Long Island area increased up to a high-water point of 460,000 dollars.

But the value of these properties started to go down after reaching its peak in 2007. And this downturn shocked even the most ardent of realtors. It’s considered as a disappointing turn of events for people who purchased Long Island real estate as a form of bargaining chip or investment. This downfall in prices is mainly caused by the financial crisis that struck America starting 2008. Short sales and foreclosures began to surface, and more of these mishaps are expected to come in the near future. All of a sudden, the real estate bubble has burst, and just about everyone was taken off-guard because of it.

But if there is any group of people who can potentially take advantage of this downturn, it would be the ones who are looking for a home right now. While realtors and homeowners are reeling at the thought of relinquishing their homes at a lower price than they initially expected, it’s the best time for buyers to potentially cash in. As it stands, the average price of real estate in Long Island is listed at 350,000 dollars. That accounts for major savings for those looking for properties right now. And it can be a potentially tasty prospect if the market value for these properties somehow recovers.

While it may not be the best time for investors of Long Island real estate, it can be argued that it’s the best time for prospective buyers. The potential is now ripe to get the home of your dreams at a discount.

Invaluable Advantages that Golf Shoes Offer to Attain Victory

To be blunt, not all tournaments require golfers to wear a pair of golf shoes, but wearing them can assure the golfer that he or she is already a step closer to victory. The right golf footwear for the golfer can provide important support during the game, when and where the golfer needs it most.

Unlike ordinary shoes, golf footwear provides support from within, keeping the feet from going side to side as the golfer delivers his or her swing. The spikes underneath the shoes help the golfer keep his footing and make his stance sturdy. The golfer is practically glued on the ground.

There are metal and plastic spikes to choose from. More and more golfers are starting to prefer the plastic ones because they can provide a more comfortable feel underneath the feet. The metal spikes are hard and can become uncomfortable over time. Plastic spikes are also lighter and therefore, gentler on the legs and feet.

It is equally important for the golfer to feel comfortable all throughout the game as he or she walks miles and miles or stands for long agonizing hours. Comfortable shoes can make everything less troublesome.

Golf ShoesThere are spikeless golf shoes that may not provide the same traction as the ones with spikes, but they are more comfortable and are definitely better than ordinary shoes. The usual street shoes won’t be able to give the needed traction that a golfer needs while delivering his or her swing on the field. The golfer might only lose his or her footing each time he or she swings his or her golf club, especially if the ground is soft or wet.

Choosing the Winning Shoes

Beginners should choose among such shoes as if they were deciding for their future. Why? It’s because their choice of golf footwear will determine whether they will reach their goal. It is recommended that even during practice a golfer should wear his or her pair of shoes for playing golf. The reason for this is, partly, to become more familiar with the shoes and feel the difference between using ordinary shoes and using golf footwear.

A beginner can start with spikeless shoes because they are more comfortable, and then he or she can decide later if he or she needs to get the ones with spikes. Spikeless shoes do not give the same traction as the ones with spikes, and spiked shoes are definitely the number one provider of the needed traction of a golfer. Most professional golfers prefer spiked golf shoes.

The good news is that plastic spikes (the more comfortable between the two types of spikes) and spikeless shoes are still evolving and hopefully they will be able to meet and provide the kind of grip to the ground that metal spikes give.

A prudent golfer should always keep him or herself updated regarding the latest in gears and equipments. It is possible that the manufacturers have been able to discover a more fitting pair of shoes for a serious golfer. Remember that comfort and stability should come first before looking good, and make sure to choose a pair that won’t feel awkward when worn.

Every game of golf is an important one and should be taken seriously. It is not a game that only befits the rich and wealthy. A golf player exudes certain elegance and grace not because he or she belongs to a well-to-do family, but because he or she takes the game seriously and believes that he or she can do anything as long as he or she is together with his trusted allies – his or her golf shoes and clubs.

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Rising up to the Challenge Coins Tradition

Challenge coins whether employed by the military or civilian organizations have their uses that meet the needs of the times. Whereas it was exclusively used as proof of one’s membership to a particular military unit and to give recognition to a particular member’s accomplishment, it now evolves into other useful endeavors. For instance, it is given as a souvenir to a visiting dignitary or high-ranking public servant as a way of honoring or commemorating his visit. It is also given to new Air Force enlisted personnel when they finished their basic military training and to new officers as well who have just finished their respective military schooling. On the other hand, other organizations sold their coins to raise funds or to commemorate an organization’s special occasion.

In the old times, to guarantee that members always carry their coins with them, military officials gave birth to the tradition of challenge coins. It used to be practiced only amongst military units who had been officially awarded their unit’s coin. Practicing the challenge across organizations was not acceptable then due to the variations of the rules. There was never any official set of rules for the challenge and this had proven to cause some disagreements amongst organizations. Hence, it was safer and better then to issue the coin-check challenge to a fellow unit member. After all, the challenge coins tradition was initiated to inspire and boost morale amongst members, not initiate controversies and fights between and amongst organizations.

challenge coinsSome coins may be a lot more expensive than others, depending on the metals used and the intricacies of the design. The reason for producing the coin also has a lot to say in the cost or value of the medallion. For instance, a 100th year commemorative coin of the United States Air Force has a greater value than the coin given to new entrants to this branch of the military. Nonetheless, every bearer of these types of coins places great value to it not only for its financial cost but also for what it represents to them as a member of that particular organization.

The tradition of the challenge coins provides a fun and entertaining way to boost the morale of an organization’s members. Instead of being tattooed, the coins serve as a proof of membership to a particular organization. Having to rise up to the challenge issued by any challenger is a fun way of bonding with co-members and fostering camaraderie and unity. One can either challenge another individual or a group, depending on the challenger’s choice.

It is also worthy to note that the challenge can be made anytime just by issuing a loud “coin-check” challenge or dropping a coin, which means that the individual is challenging everyone present in the room. With the challenge, everyone must then present their coins. Failure to do so means they will buy everyone else a round of drinks for all those who are able to present their respective coins. If everyone around, however, are able to present their coins, the challenger will be the one to buy drinks for all those present.

Most coins are an art on their own with their pretty designs and colors. Most coin bearers carry them in their pockets or special pouches that are attached to their bodies, usually their necks. Some bearers, however, are reckless enough to bore holes in them or attach these to their belts, which actually disqualifies them from issuing or rising up to the challenge. The absence of formal rules governing the challenge does not include the strict rule of non-markings or dents to the coins. Hence, one should not deface the coin in anyway if one has any intention of joining any challenge coins in the near future.

Digital Signage: Placement of Screen Defines Success

Despite the evolution of the internet and the shifting of most businesses from having brick-and-mortar outlets to just running an online store, it does not necessarily mean that boutiques and shops will become obsolete. They may face some challenges, especially in the area of advertising, but technology is also evolving to provide them with answers. One of which is digital signage. These eye-catching screens that you see in many business premises are very popular mediums now in advertising a product or service. They are not only present in shops and stores, but even in clinics, schools, airports, and train stations.

digitalDigital signage may simply be a screen that displays images and videos of the product or brand, but there are innovations now that allow viewers to interact with the display such as the case of touchscreen technology. Whichever you choose, one thing is for sure – digital signs can definitely catch the attention of passersby and prompt them to make a beeline to your shop. To get this result, however, your screens should be cleverly positioned to capture the attention of your target audience.  Your digital signage must be strategically positioned to allow maximum exposure so that you can achieve your desired results.

signage1There are many variables to consider when finding the right place for your screen and it is best to tackle them one by one. Before going there, you need to realize that the screens are immobile fixtures. They are installed on the wall.  You can possibly expect to see variations in the quality of the images depending on the angle from which the screen in viewed by the audience.

· Height. As much as possible, the screen must be within people’s eye level. You can base this on the average height of the people in your region, although it usually ranges from 165 to 175 cm. According to experts, there is about 20 degrees of attention zone within a person’s line of vision.  This means that if the screen is beyond that zone, it may go unnoticed. Hence, it is best to place the screen within that attention zone.

·Size of the store. If you are placing the digital signage inside your store, you must consider the width and length of your floor area or the farthest distance a customer can be from a wall. This will dictate how large your screen must be and the size of the font that you will use in your display. Your goal must be for the customer to be able to read what is on the screen even if he is far from it. You can use multiple screens as a solution if your shop occupies a large area.

·Lighting condition. The wall where you intend to affix the screen must be well illuminated. You can even use spotlights that are directed to the center of the screen to emphasize its presence. This way, even if a customer is busy with other activities, a passing glance on the area can attract his attention and draw him nearer.

·Location. Aside from placing the digital signage inside your store, you can also place it outside or in any other strategic location to reach your target market. For instance, if you are selling school supplies, you can place the signage near a school. You can also place one in your display window near the products that you are advertising so that customers will see the actual items right away. Highly populated public places are great locations for signages too, like train stations and airports.

By knowing these factors, it will be easier for you to find the best location and placement of your digital display. To ensure that you picked the right spot, test it yourself by viewing the display from different distances and angles. With this technique, you can avoid making any mistakes and you can make your advertisement a success.